Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Road Race [FULL RACE] (ladies)



July 25, 2021

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Road Race WE – Musashinonomori Park – Fuji International Speedway : 137 km

Like the last Olympic Road Race, this one in Tokyo is characterised by its wall-like climbs and fatiguing amount of elevation gain –

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Ernestus Barsa
5 months ago

I watched the entire TV recording again. In the peleton you can see the stars riding relaxed with her arms stretched out. They think of a good, cozy day and they will sprint for the places in the last few kilometers. This race shows exactly the difference between the controlled professional races and the Olympics. Professional racing is all about tactics and a lot of money. All nations and their drivers have the same chances here. Thanks to the German driver who woke the peleton from its sleep after an hour. I think of Mark Cavendish’s meeting with Eddy Merckx after winning 35 stages in the Tour de France. Yes, says Eddy Merckx, that’s nice. But I won the stages alone without radios or tactics. I would like to thank the three drivers, Omer Shapira from Israel, Anna Plichta from Poland and Anna Kiesenhofer from Austria, who made this race worthy oft the Olympics. With the will to win and the mental attitude I would like to compare Anna Kiesenhofer with Eddy Merckx for this race. My respect!